Friday, September 9, 2016

Hollis Park Judo's own Grace Talusan wins BJJ silver!!

Hollis Park judo's own Grace Talusan has captured a silver medal at the World Masters BJJ tournament!!

Here's the story in Grace's own words. On the weekend, I travelled to Las Vegas to compete in the World Masters BJJ Tournament…. I was not confident at all and even moved up a weight division because I had trouble making weight the tournament prior and decided that I just wanted to enjoy the Las Vegas cuisine.  But guess what!?!?  I won second place!  8 women in the division —  Three matches - single elimination  — threw them all multiple times! Lost by a choke in the third round. And I got to meet Travis Stevens — and even did a workout with him…. everyone was dropping out because they didn’t want to get hurt or tire themselves out (It was just a 45 minute circuit training session)…… I was the only one who kept up with him (no joke — jumping rope, animal crawls, battle bands, etc)…. plus I got to try on his silver medal.

Congratulations Grace! It is an honor to have such a talented player as a member of Hollis Park Judo.


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