Thursday, March 10, 2016

2016 NY YMCA Judo Camp Dates

Mark your calandars!!

New York YMCA's International Judo Camp is coming up! Here's a link to more info: Judo Camp Page.


Steve Wright plan to go and would like organize a group from our team.

If you haven’t been to a Judo Camp, you can’t imagine how much fun they are.


Judo Camp - Programs and Training
Campers and participants may begin each morning with Tai Chi or a scenic mountain jog. A 4:1 camper to instructor ratio allows more one-on-one instruction during morning and afternoon classes. In the late afternoon, campers and participants may choose relaxing camp activities such as swimming or fishing. An evening Randori ends the day to practice new skills.
Interested campers and participants may also join self-defense classes and a daily Kata clinic for the formal demonstration and instruction of techniques.

August 7 – August 13, 2016

Application received before April 1: $599
Application received after April 1: $799

A+ Training for Coaches and Referees
Certification for Local and Regional Referee Licenses
Enjoy this extensive week long training designed for aspiring referees. Taught by IJF International "A" Referees, this course covers:
5 hours of classroom rule review and latest rule interpretations
Mock competitions with instructors commenting via wireless radio
5 hours of video analysis
9 hours of on-the-mat sessions covering
Signal drills
Procedures drills
Positioning, Mobility and Posture
Unorthodox Osaekomi
Valid and Invalid techniques
Review of the prohibited acts
Earn Level E, D and C Coaching Certifications
Taught by Bill Montgomery, these certification courses meet throughout the week. Certification and materials fee: $40
Level E Certification
Conditions of learning
Physical development
The mechanical principles of Judo
Level D Certification
Curricula and lesson plans
Development of training drills
Level C Certification
Development of Integrated Attack Systems for individual players

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