Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Promotions Night!

The first session after a tournament is a good opportunity to present promotions. Promotions after an event reinforce effort, irrespective of outcome.

New Hollis Park promotions were as follows;

Ethan Bridson was promoted to Yonkyu (green belt).

To Sankyu (first brown belt level);
            Arieonna Wertz
            Ian Husemann
            Cooper Husemann

Amber Erps was promoted to Nikyu (second brown belt level).

Promotions are generally viewed as recognition of improved skill level. However, promotions also represent much more. Promotions recognize and celebrate dedication, service to Judo, acceptance of responsibility, and personal growth. All the recipients of our recent promotions have demonstrated improved skills, dedication, and growth. We are proud that they are members of the Hollis Park Judo Team.



North/South Tournament 2016 Overview

Over the weekend, five Hollis Park Judo players; Grace Talusan, Stefan Habsburg, Aaron Prosser, Ian Husemann and Cooper Husemann, brought home eight medals from the 2016 North/South Judo Tournament. The ‘North/South’ is a, decades old, tradition of Judo players from the Chicago area traveling down to Bellville, IL for individual and team competition.

Hollis Park’s day began with Cooper Husemann capturing Gold in the 15-16 year boys competition. This was, only, Cooper’s second tournament but you would not have known it by watching him play. Cooper won his matches through relentless pressure, tenacity and exciting throwing actions.

Between the Junior and Senior competition the, traditional North/South Team competition took place. Teams are, generally divided with the North being comprised of players out of the Chicago area the South coming from ‘down-state’ teams. Among, this year’s, ‘North team’ were four international competitors, two each from Nigeria and Europe. Our own Stefan Habsburg and Aaron Prosser were numbered among the South. Both Aaron and Stefan were lucky enough to draw international players in their team matches. Although the results were in favor of our foreign friends, in earning team medals Stefan and Aaron gained valuable experience competing against the more proficient opponents.

Hollis Park performances, during the individual, adult, competition are as follows;

Aaron earned Silver while fighting, for the first time, in the Brown and Black Belt division.

Ian Husemann sustained the family honor by matching, brother, Cooper’s Gold.

In his first tournament, since recovery from knee surgery, Stefan captured Silver.

Grace, courageously (or was it inadvertently) entered, both the ‘Senior’ AND ‘Veteran’s divisions. Grace departed the venue exhausted but wearing Silver and Bronze Medals. Grace was also recognized with the, prestigious, Henry Okamura Award For Judo Spirit.

Congratulations to our North/South competitors! You have represented Hollis Park honorably.

Stefan wins silver in men's senior advanced

Grace wins a bronze in women's senior division

Aaron takes silver in men's advanced 

Grace wins 2nd in women's masters

Congratulations to Ian on your gold!

Warming up

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