Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2016 Hollis Park Judo Tournament Recap - Pictures

Our annual Hollis Park Judo Tournament went wonderfully. Over 30 people showed up and there were many exciting matches fought. Below are some pictures of the day. Thank you to everyone who helped set up and run the behind the scenes aspects. And many thanks to everyone who participated. We hope to see you next year! 

Mother and son team perform a kata demonstration

Kata demonstration

Some of our team waiting for their matches to start

Warm up

Natalie and Nana warm up before the matches

Nana working on her throws

Nana working on her pins

Welcome to the tournament

Bowing in

Nana's first match against Bobbi Jo

Bobbi Jo and Nana

Will pinning his opponent in his first judo tournament ever! Way to go Will! 

Natalie's 1st match against Reagan 

Natalie working on a triangle choke. Way to go, Reagan, for successfully defending against it! 

Grace and Tara's first match

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Coach Mitch Williams refereeing 

Aaron holding his own on the mat

Coach Stefan and Coach Blaine refereeing the kids matches

Nana and Bobbi Jo in their second match

Coach Stefan refereeing 

We caught Marie and Melissa on camera!! Thanks to these ladies for making the tournament run so smoothly 

Aaron and Joe

Nana being her awesome self

Aaron going for a choke

Ending ceremonies