Monday, November 9, 2015

Size Is An Illusion

Ok, maybe not. Maybe size does actually matter. But being small should never be an excuse. It's simply a challenge. 

As many on our team are out for various reasons, those who show up must sometimes be paired with a slight size difference. This Thursday was one of those nights. But working with someone of a drastically different size can open up a whole new world of learning. The smaller opponent realizes that he can, indeed, throw a bigger opponent with the right technique. And the larger opponent is forced to practice his control in throwing (so as not to smoosh his friend). It's a win-win learning opportunity for both. 

Below are some pictures from class. 

Garrick practices a new throw with his father, Steve


Both National Champions, Alex Wolfe (white gi) and Blaine Duhs (blue gi) help each other drill

I mean...they're BASICALLY the same size...almost...kinda...

Ok, maybe there's a slight size difference...

Coach George Weers teaches a new technique

Alex and Coach George practice some groundplay 

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