Monday, September 21, 2015

Stefan Habsburg Wins Gold At Gateway Tournament

This weekend Stefan Habsburg competed at the Gateway Invitational Tournament in Missouri. After 11 months recovery from knee surgery, this was his first competition back. As expected, he did amazing and took home the gold medal. Below are the videos of his matches. The first match was won by kouchi gari (little inside) and the second match was won by pin. Congratulations Stefan! The team is proud of you!


Stefan's mainly wanted to focus on stand-up as opposed to ground-play. In the 2nd match you can see him let his opponent up when they go to the ground. At the end of the match, Stefan had his opponent in a pin. His opponent verbally tapped, meaning Stefan won by pin/submission.

We're excited to have Stefan, one of our top competitors, back on the mat. His knee is doing fine and we look forward to seeing him win many more tournaments this coming year.

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