Monday, May 18, 2015


I was wondering. What do they do with used body bags? Think about it, there's major money making potential here. All you'd have to do is rinse them out after each use and you'd be ready for the next customer. I mean, who's going to know? It's not like the occupants are going to notice and I seriously doubt that the next of kin will take the time to inspect the receptacle.

You wouldn't have to worry about contagion either. Your customers are dead! Even if they died from, to quote Dickens, "something catchin’" the next inhabitant is beyond catching anything.

Admittedly, the messy ones could pose a challenge. Let's face it they'd have the potential to stain or otherwise soil the containers. Not a problem! Turn the repository inside out. That way the next inmate will encounter a clean surface. While the surfaces are inverted you could thoroughly clean the exposed side and let it dry.

I do realize that there might be some local ordinance with which to deal. There's bound to be ways around that. We could develop an inter-state exchange program between mortuaries, law enforcement agencies and crematoria. After passing through enough hands nobody would know the origin of a specific vessel.

We could even develop a secondary market. The boy scouts, hunters and survivalist types would be thrilled to have an inexpensive waterproof sleeping bag. I mean, that's what these hampers were designed for in the first place. Right? It's nothing more than a personalized space for repose. The down side is that they're not very well insulated. Let's face it, warmth was not an original design factor. We can get around that by advertising them as "summer weight" product. There's even an added benefit. In the case of untimely demise, recreational users would have their own body bag right there. Now there's convenience for you.

I really think that I'm on to something here. We have a previously untapped resource that could be worth millions. This is also an environmentally sound endeavor. Body bags are currently used two, three times, tops. My proposal could recycle limited resources indefinitely.

We need to act on this! If we don't someone else is going to jump on it and get rich. Are you in?

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