Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Balance Games

Last night was a small class but lots of fun. While Coach Blaine worked with the adult players, Coach Stefan teamed up with brown-belt Naomi to teach the kids some balance games. There was Indian Wrestling where the kids had to keep their feet on a belt laid flat on the floor while trying to push their opponent off the belt. Then they played Sumo Wrestling. All the belts were formed into a circle on the floor. The object of the game was to either make your opponent step outside the circle or make them touch the floor with anything other than their feet. And finally, the kids played Plate and Jello. One person is the 'plate' and has to knock the other person, the 'Jello', off of them while the 'Jello' tries to stay on the 'plate'. This groundplay game teaches excellent balance and useful pinning skills. The kids had a great time! 

Coach Stefan and Bella play Sumo Wrestling

Cody tries to out-sumo wrestle Coach Stefan

Sumo Wrestling game

Lily and Coach Stefan learning balance with sumo wrestling

Cody and Lily try to make the other step outside the sumo wrestling circle

The girls practice their foot sweeps

The kids try to keep their feet on the belt while pushing their opponent off

Learning balance and judo by playing at sumo wrestling

Mom and son practice some sumo wrestling

Cody takes on Coach Stefan

Learning balance the fun way :)

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